André BRUNNER, ROBIN HEILER | ZURiCH | 18 February 2020

Technological innovation is taking place across all industries and financial services is no different. In this cut-throat consumer-focused age, convenience is a key differentiator and smartphones are providing the solution to many of life’s tasks for this very reason.

Increasingly, people want the choice of being able to use their mobile to bank. We’re now in an era where days can pass without cash passing through our hands and face to face interactions are optional. Across some parts of Europe, physical banking branches are closing or consolidating their services in favor of more digitally efficient (and sometimes cheaper) alternatives. However, reports show that Switzerland’s consumers have been slow to adapt to a digital mobile-first mindset in banking. But will this always be the case?

We wanted to shed light on the rise of mobile banking apps available to the Switzerland banking segment today and how industry players are using mobile to go-to market and above all, how they are delivering.


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